Luca Fabry



Imagine hanging in the air, 2000 meters above the ground, strapped in a belt held by a single rope, attached to a bolt hammered into solid rock. Think of what you are feeling at this very moment. You look down and it’s like you are hanging between life and death, between enjoying life in its purest form and falling down 2000 meters into certain, inevitable demise.

The Stone Masters were a group of rock climbers in the early 1970’s who were famous for pushing the boundaries of climbing at the Yosemite National Park. They experienced this feeling everyday.

A crimp is a term in the language of climbing which stands for a type of hold, just big enough to be grasped with the tips of the fingers. Your fingertips form the border between living and dying. How far would you go to feel free from any limitations, to be, one with your surroundings and completely in the moment.

The collection aims to portray the exact feeling of getting flooded with euphoria but still having a single crimp to hold on to physical reality with, and the psychological boundaries one has to overcome to reach this climax.

The Stone Masters, the feeling of freedom, euphoria, fear, life and death are the inspirations behind this collection. It draws inspiration from climbing gear, rock structures and the colours of stones. The focus lies on using natural fabrics to create conceptual garments that fuse the boundaries of technical and everyday clothing.